I specialize in treating trauma, anxiety, depression, and addiction. I am an ally of LGBTQ people and POC, and am appreciative of all cultures and approaches to intimacy. I do not offer a traditional talk therapy approach. In my experience, talking alone does little to help people. My primary focus is on the emotional activations and over-activations that fuel the repetitive patterns and cycles experienced in thoughts, emotions, compulsive behaviors, and relationships. Research suggests that going straight to the emotional root of such issues in a incremental and well-informed manner, is the most efficient and insightful road to resolve. Rather than have you unpack your whole life story in a years-long relationship with me, my goal is for you to rewire and resolve your relationship to what’s going on within yourself -- the very source of your life.

I am an Out of Network insurance provider.


For individuals

$175 per 45-50 min. session 


$225 per 75 minute minute session