"My private sessions with Ralph have been life changing. Without him at my side during a difficult time I would not be growing so gracefully. I gush about him to all my friends." -Megan, artist

"For someone as reluctant to change as I am, I have never experienced so much growth in such a short amount of time, and I have Ralph to thank for that."   -Jaime, fashion photographer

"I have truly enjoyed working with Ralph. He has been flexible and adapted our work based on whatever was going on for me at the moment, and I needed that. The work we have done has been practical and has supported me in the here and now as well as provided framework for the long run." -Adriana



"Ralph is a master teacher and exemplary student of spirituality. Rarely if ever have I seen someone so successfully introduce methods of meditation to crowds of diverse backgrounds, and at the same time intelligently and accurately represent his own Buddhist convictions." - Clair McPherson,   Professor of Ascetic Theology,  General Theological Seminary

A rising star in the meditation world." -Sandy Levine, events manager, NY Open Center

“EXCELLENT. Whoa, whoa whoa! So glad I did this, and I’ll be coming back for sure. The instructor and instructions couldn’t be more mind-blowingly amazing.” -Holly

"There seems to be two brands of yoga and meditation teachers in the world— those who have memorized all the right quotes and buzzwords and language, but fall short of embodied teaching, and those who teach from a place of direct experience, understanding and empathy. This is the kind of meditation teacher Ralph is. He has a knack for infusing old-world philosophy with a fresh and current perspective, making practice feel relevant to our fast and complicated 21st century lives. You can feel that Ralph not only knows his stuff, but lives it, day in and day out, which is what makes his sessions so potent. “-Adreanna Limbach, meditation instructor, author

"Ralph is truly a gift--He is exceptionally well-versed in meditation from both the Buddhist tradition and within the context of contemporary psychotherapy. I find this expertise invaluable and his approach is warm, generous, authentic, and inspiring." -Jane, workshop participant

“Words cannot describe how grateful I am to have found such healing… Thank you so very much!” - Cheri

“Deep and enriching. Inspiring.”  -Carol

“This is the deep self-reflection and clarity I’ve been looking for.” -Beth R.

“This will take some practice but I can already see great benefits for me and will return often. Thank you so much!” - Alex

“Powerful and profound.” -Skye

“Left me with tears of anguish, joy, and release running down my face. You have helped me open my heart today.”  -Caz

“So many cleaning and healing tears. Thank you for this practice. I’m feeling better. More love and compassion for a very hurt part of me. I will come back and do this again.” 

“Amazing! I’m just in awe. So much compassion and realness in the delivery of this practice. Left with peace and love.” - Sharon