Discover evidence-based practices for working to unburden yourself of long-held core hurts and limiting beliefs.

The teachings on Buddha nature indicate something radical: that each of us is born already whole, worthy, free, full of love, and with a capacity for immense joy. As we traverse the myriad difficulties and crises of life, we never lose this fundamental sanity—but we do lose the experience of it as stress, hurts, and limiting beliefs accumulate in our nervous systems.

Many of us experience this as a loss of connection to the most primary aspects of our being—the earth, our bodies, our emotional depths, our breath, and each other. Some of us may even feel a sense of longing at times that we don’t quite understand—a longing to reconnect.

In this retreat with Ralph De La Rosa, a psychotherapist and meditation instructor who specializes in working with trauma, we mindfully re-establish these connections. As long-held core hurts and limiting beliefs inevitably arise, Ralph guides you through evidence-based practices for working toward skillfully unburdening these parts of yourself. Helping professionals will find information useful for their clients as well as for self-care.

Expect gentle movement, restorative breathwork, sitting meditation, Internal Family Systems “parts work,” dynamic and straightforward talks, and the opportunity to truly rest and rediscover your path.