Psychotherapy for Individuals and Couples

I specialize in helping people work through traumatic experiences, PTSD, and difficult early childhood experiences that often lead to depression, anxiety, compulsive behaviors and addictions, loss of direction, and feelings of unworthiness. I am seasoned in working with diverse populations including LGBTQ folks and people of color.

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Transformative Coaching and Spiritual Mentorship

A direct approach to get you unstuck that incorporates the insights of meditation and neuroscience alongside traditional coaching technique.

Available in-person or by Skype.

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Private Meditation Instruction

Develop a meditation practice that works specifically for you. Learn authentic, mindfulness-based techniques for settling and clarifying the mind, becoming authentically present, cultivating higher emotional capacities such as empathy and compassion, heal trauma, rewiring the brain with new habits, and more. 

Sessions will include brief dialogue to assess what practice(s) might best serve you, a guided meditation, and time for questions and debriefing. Meditations offered in sessions will be recorded and emailed to you to support you in your home practice. 

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For individuals

$175 per 45-50 min. session

Four sessions, paid up front (non-refundable) $600 

For couples and families:

$200 per 55 min. session

Four sessions paid up front (non-refundable) $700

Sliding scale available upon request. 


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