Begins January 16th, 2019.
Full course description below.

18 weeks of
* Pre-recorded dharma talks (video and audio) 
* Downloadable guided meditations
* Live weekly coaching calls (Wednesdays, 8pm ET; recorded in case you miss)
* Handouts and additional resources
* Weekly journal prompts and online discussion forum
* Inclusive, non-hierarchical environment
* Optional 55 min. private sessions with Ralph
* Discounts offered to POC, trans-identified people, social workers, teachers, and anyone else struggling financially. No questions asked.

Chrysalis is a three-part series that blends Western psychology and neuroscience with Eastern practice and Buddhist psychology to bring about unprecedented, meaningful, lasting change to every arena of our lives. If you are experiencing repetitive patterns — be they patterns of thought, emotional cycles, compulsive behaviors, or patterns in intimate and interpersonal relationships, you’ve come to the right place.

Following the trajectory offered in Ralph De La Rosa’s #1 bestselling book The Monkey Is the Messenger: Meditation & What Your Busy Mind Is Trying to Tell You you will gain insights and learn meditations informed by neuroscience, somatic psychology, Tibetan Buddhism, the "parts work" of Internal Family Systems, yogic philosophy.

All courses are guided by Ralph's principle of radical non-pathology, the audacious notion that nothing is wrong with any of us; that the troubles in our lives are a paradoxical invitation to grow and discover genuine confidence.

You will learn how to experience serenity and genuine presence in meditation. You will learn how to open to the heart's intrinsic energies in a deep, embodied way. You will experience a new definition of self-love. You will gain crystal clarity on how emotions work, how trauma runs our lives, and how to access the kind of self-compassion that has the power to heal every part of you. You will dive deep into the world of your inner children and learn exactly what they need so that you can reclaim childlike wonder and creative spark, rewire distorted thinking, set and hold boundaries like never before, and get unstuck from unhealthy coping behaviors. You will gain the experiential tools to become your own therapist.

“The lessons and practices I have done are amazing. Ralph is an awesome teacher and I feel his wisdom and good intentions every time I listen and/or meditate. I give this course a 10, as I will definitely be recommending it to others.”
-Sheila, online course participant

This is a commitment to yourself and to daily practice.
This is a commitment to work within your limits, but to not back down for liberating truths that might be hard at first. This is also not a quick fix (because those don't exist). Rather, it is incremental work that is drenched in self-love. It is work that asks us to show up for ourselves in the way we long for our lovers, best friends, and parents to show up for us -- with passion, dedication, fidelity, mercy, honesty, forgiveness, flexibility, and tenderness. 

If you are ready to shift your life through an intelligent and dynamic system of practices, processes, and ideas, this course is for you. If you have ever wondered why therapy hasn’t really worked, this course is for you. If the changes you keep promising yourself you’ll make never materialize, this course is for you. If you struggle with an inner critic, anxiety, depression, and childhood traumas, this course is for you. If you are ready to move beyond surface-level mindfulness and into transformation -- what meditation was actually designed for, this course is for you.


“Your guidance brought meaning to things I've read about but never connected with and now see as healing and light. Thank you again.”
-Jeanette, online course participant

Phase One:
Embodied Presence, Authentic Nowness

January 16th - Feb 20th (6 weeks)

We begin by reclaiming our lost connection to the most primary aspects of our being: our soma (body), breath, and our natural state of open, curious awareness. In re-establishing a relationship to our body-mind in this way through meditation, not only do we activate neurological systems involved in mental quietude, creativity, intuition, and clarity; we open the doorway to working skillfully with our emotional world in manner that is both direct and warm. In recovering our ability to relax and feel spacious, we rewire our nervous systems with experiences of ease.

Practices offered: Somatic Meditation, Shamatha (breath) Meditation, 4-8-12 Breathing, Ninefold Clearing Breathwork, Setting the Breath In Its Natural Rhythm, Belly Breathing

Phase Two:
Opening the Heart, Redefining Self-Love

March 13th - April 17th (6 weeks)

Our entire lives flow out of our relationship with ourselves. Our outer situation is always a reflection of our inner world. Still, how many of us live in abusive relationships with ourselves? Or attempt to shame ourselves into improving?

In this leg of the journey, we open the heart to begin bringing about an inner harmony that naturally extends out into our lives. Specifically, we’ll be exploring iterations of lovingkindness (maitri) meditation, which has been scientifically shown to increase joy, contentment, gratitude, pride, hope, interest, amusement, awe, sense of purpose in life, enhanced relationships, and physiological health  (Fredrickson, Cohn, Coffey, Pek, & Finkel, 2008).

Practices offered: Traditional Maitri Meditation, Self-Maitri Meditation, Three-Part Breathing, Twelvefold Purification. Preliminary Parts Work Meditation.

More on the scientifically confirmed benefits of lovingkindness meditation here.

Phase Three:
Fierce Compassion: How to Heal Every Part of You

May 1st - June 5th (6 weeks)

Anxiety, depression, anger, worry, loss of direction, the inner critic, compulsive behaviors, painful cycles in relationships – believe it or not, these are not our enemies. They are messengers, sounding an alarm, calling our attention to what longs to be healed at our depths. We already have within us the intelligence, wisdom, curiosity, and compassion needed to heal such troublesome patterns at their very root. What we ALL need help with is accessing the natural wisdom within ourselves and some guidance in how to productively process the emotions that are at the core of every place we get stuck.

The final leg of the journey is a deep dive into the courageous, direct, and (most importantly) effective “parts work” meditation native to Tibetan tantra, Internal Family Systems therapy, Gestalt therapy, and the Soul Retrieval of aboriginal medicine cultures. We will work safely and methodically through self-governed processes rich with emotional intelligence and centered on self-compassion and personal empowerment. People tend to gain precise and life-shifting insights and resolve right away in this work. You will also gain evidence-based skills for continuing this work well beyond the scope of our sessions together.  


"I just wanted to let you know that although I didn't do things when or how I was supposed to, I have gone through most of the course material (with the exception of the live group video discussions), and it is really fabulous-- SO SO SO SO great, and something I deeply need, even though I had absolutely no notion of what it was or how it would apply to me before we started." -Sarah

"Ralph is an amazing teacher, and one of the most direct-from-the-heart speakers I have ever had the privilege of listening to. I am more inclined to liken him to a musician than a teacher, because it seems like his soul is just pouring out, without the obfuscating bullshit that everything usually comes wrapped in when people talk to each other." -Sarah

“Ralph’s meditations are spot on and I land in a meditative state quickly which is all I want. I find his talks very insightful.” -Isabella

“I've already recommend it to my whole yoga teacher’s training class and about five other close friends.” -Amber


“Words cannot describe how grateful I am to have found such healing… Thank you so very much!” - Cheri

“EXCELLENT. Whoa, whoa whoa! So glad I did this, and I’ll be coming back for sure. The instructor and instructions couldn’t be more mind-blowingly amazing.” -Holly

“Deep and enriching. Inspiring.”  -Carol

“This is the deep self-reflection and clarity I’ve been looking for.” -Beth R.

“This will take some practice but I can already see great benefits for me and will return often. Thank you so much!” - Alex

“Powerful and profound.” -Skye

“Left me with tears of anguish, joy, and release running down my face. You have helped me open my heart today.”  -Caz

“So many cleaning and healing tears. Thank you for this practice. I’m feeling better. More love and compassion for a very hurt part of me.I will come back and do this again.” 

“Amazing! I’m just in awe. So much compassion and realness in the delivery of this practice. Left with peace and love.” - Sharon