REBEL HEART ACADEMY offers three intensive trainings :

INNER REVOLUTION: A three-month intensive training in the three families of Buddhist meditation (mindful presence, lovingkindness, dissolving trauma/cultivating compassion) with an emphasis on the healing aspects of these practices. Ralph has also created a curriculum for yoga teachers, healers, and helping professionals.

AMPLIFY: A Meditation Teacher Training designed specifically for yoga teachers, helping professionals, and healers wanting to add and refine their ability to offer authentic, evidence-based meditation instruction. 

THE HERO'S BURDEN: HEALING BURNOUT A daylong intensive for helping professionals and givers to gain insight into the mechanics of compassion fatigue and mind-body practices for healing and preventing it. 


Module One

Touching the Earth:
History of Meditation and Mindfulness

The Buddha’s story and the orthodox approach
How meditation developed after the Buddha
How meditation came to the West and why that matters
The neuroscience of mindfulness

The Body Is the Mind:
The Emergent Somatic Emphasis in Meditation

The neuroscience of embodiment and what modern mindfulness is missing
How to practice in an embodied manner
Fruition: the desirable reality attention on the body leads to

Interlocking Mandalas:
Understanding the Three Families of Buddhist Meditation From the Inside Out

Mindful presence and Insight: Shamatha-vipashyana
Awakening the Heart: Maitri
Compassion: Tonglen

Module Two

How You Breathe is How You Feel:
Breathwork and Pranayama

Setting the Breath in Its Natural Rhythm
Twelvefold belly breathing
Three-part breath
Measured breathing practices
nd how they function differently to bring about psycho-somatic results

How You Do Anything is How You Do Everything:
The Psychology of Meditation   

How the breath reflects your unresolved emotional material and traumas
How our traumas manifest in our teaching paths
How to effectively work with nervousness, imposter syndrome, and limiting beliefs that hold you back in your teaching career

Trauma Sensitivity
How to guide students with PTSD
How hurts are healed appropriately in meditation
Rudimentary “parts work” for guiding students into difficult emotions safely

Meditation Module Three

Structuring a Meditation:
Integrating Psychology, Neuroscience, and Traditional Philosophy Into the Mechanics of a Guided Practice

How a meditation should begin, why it matters, and various techniques
What matters most in the middle of a meditation and why
Endings: Why endings matter more than anything else, and techniques for making an impact

Connecting Dots:
The Art of a Dharma Talk

Accruing material to speak about
Structuring: ground, path, fruition

Putting It All Together
Supervised student-led meditations and feedback

Post-training Practicum
Record three meditations of 10 mins or longer in a live setting in submit them for review within one month of the program
Hold one class one hour in length or longer (public or private) within three months of completing the course
Participate in a weekend retreat of your choosing within 6 months of the program

offered seasonally at Maha Rose Healing Center
Next cycle begins September 2017. Contact me to get updated when registration opens. 

Phase One: Mindful Presence
Somatic mindfulness and why it matters
The neuroscience of embodiment
Touching the earth: the hidden clues contained in the Buddha's story
Practices taught: Somatic meditation (supine body scanning), Calm Abiding meditation (mindfulness of breathing), three-part breathing, ninefold clearing breathwork, setting the breath in its natural rhythm, concentration.

Phase Two: Radical Lovingkindness
The mythos of Buddhist heart opening practices
The neuroscience of lovingkindness
The challenge of self-love and what the self-love movement is missing
The other person is you: the paradox of loving other people and getting all the benefit
Practices taught: traditional Lovingkindness meditation, Lovingkindness for Our Inner Children, twelvefold belly breath.

Phase Three: Unstuck: Healing Core Hurts and Cultivating Compassion
How traumas turn into beliefs and how those beliefs run our lives
Our inner dysfunctional family and how to achieve deep, lasting healing and growth
The paper dragon: working with fear and resistance
How to get the inner critic and other harsh inner voices to relax
Practices taught: The Holding Environment meditation, Parts Work meditation (adapted from Internal Family Systems therapy), traditional Tonglen meditation (exchanging hurt for compassion).

A daylong or half-day intensive

It seems a cruel irony that toxic stress can be a natural by-product of working to help others. Most of us made a commitment to compassionate action not expecting to be faced with this reality. The truth is, if we desire to be great healers to others, we must become even better healers to ourselves first.

Drawing from the wisdom of neuroscience, Tibetan Buddhism and Internal Family Systems Therapy, this workshop will teach you:

• Meditation techniques for clearing your mind and body of stress that is not yours

• Somatic meditation and breathwork for restoring your nervous system

• Methods for maintaining a sense of refreshed presence throughout the day

• Intelligent ways of relating to your emotions and mental states, including exhaustion

• How to identify and understand unconscious beliefs helpers tend to have that lead to toxic work habits

It is one thing to practice self care, and quite another to develop a nourishing and effective system of well-being that will transform and empower your client work, and become an integral part of your healing gift to the world.