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Recovering Clarity, Wholeness, and Serenity with Somatic Meditation and Breathwork

Saturdays, January 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th
2 - 4pm | New Love City | Greenpoint, BK

The stress and hustle of our lives too often force us to disconnect from our bodies, shut down our emotions, forsake our connection to nature and betray our deeper intentions and values. And then we wonder why we’re anxious. Or why our relationships aren’t working. Or why we can’t focus. Or sleep at night. Or figure out what we’re really meant to do with our lives. When we turn around to reclaim that connection, something almost magical happens: we discover our innate ability to let go, to achieve true rest, and navigate our lives in profound, new ways. We reclaim our deeper nature... Read more



Wednesdays, January 3rd, 10th, 24th, 31st
7:30pm - 9:30pm | Maha Rose

  • Build a daily meditation practice and/or daily ritual that nourishes you and your aspiration
  • Assertiveness and healthy boundaries 
  • How to overcome obstacles and your own internal resistance to change and growth
  • Get clear on what your values are and what it means to live in alignment with them
  • Clarify your sense of life direction and purpose
  • Why pain and difficulty influence our lives more than joy and pleasure, and how to mindfully balance that
  • How to work with difficult emotions and traumas that come to the surface as a natural by-product of waking up and working on yourself...


Weekly Drop-In Classes at MNDFL

MNDFL is NYC's premier drop-in meditation studio, featuring expert teachers from a variety of traditions
offering simple techniques in an accessible manner.

Currently teaching one Sunday per month while I finish my book!
Please check schedule HERE for current availability. Make sure to navigate to Greenwich Village location. 


LINKS: MNDFL in the NY Times  |  Reserve your spot in a class here



Insight Timer App

Ralph is now featured on the Insight Timer, a free app you can download for iOS and Android. 

Download here

Susan Piver's Daily Dharma Gathering

On-demand and live streaming 30 minute classes 7 days a week, with Ralph and a host of world-class Buddhist teachers.

More here


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Family and the Holidays: Surviving and Healing Hurt and Chaos
Two Wednesdays, 7:30-9:30pm
December 6th & 13th

  • Maybe you grew up without a sense of connection to family and so this time feels more complicated for you than for others?

  • Maybe it’s your first holiday season after the death of a loved one, or it’s the anniversary of such a death?

  • Maybe your dad is a fervent Donald Trump supporter and you’re at a loss for how to have your honest reactions to this and still function?

  • Maybe you’ve suffered traumas at the hands of family members and you’re longing for a resolve, and/or wondering if you should even cut certain people out of your life?

  • Maybe it’s all of the above and more.
    ...Keep reading


Coming 2018
Emotional Freedom Through Meditation

Even though difficult emotions can overwhelm us, they are not our enemies.  Rather, they are like messengers sounding an alarm, calling us to look deeper within ourselves, longing for us to heal. Psychotherapist and meditation teacher Ralph de la Rosa will draw from Buddhism, cognitive therapy, Internal Family Systems, and somatic and mindfulness based approaches to teach us meditation practices to relate to our emotions in new ways. You’ll learn on-the-spot methods for working with the inner critic and intrusive thoughts, anger, anxiety, childhood hurts, and sadness, in order to unburden these parts of yourself—clearing more room for joy, calm, and connection.

Four Wednesdays | February 14 – March 7, 2018 | 6 – 7:30 pm
NY Open Center | Manhattan, NY

Full description and registration here.

Release and Receive: A NYE Ritual & Celebration
Dec. 31st, 7pm-9pm 

Join Ralph De La Rosa for an evening of intention setting and inspiration. This will be an open and informal space for infusing your NYE with intention and alchemy. 

For the fourth year running, Ralph De La Rosa will curate an inspired space and guide the group on an interactive journey so we can get clear on what we’re leaving behind in 2017, and what we’re clearing space for as we step into 2018!   

You are also invited to bring any meaningful or sacred objects you would like to have included on a community shrine. 

Register here


✈︎ Marin, CA | Three Day Residential Retreat at Spirit Rock

Recovering Wholeness, Worthiness, and Emotional Balance: 
Three Days of Restoration, Healing, and Self Discovery

Friday, September 22 - Sunday, September 24, 9:30am - 4:30pm
Sliding Scale $225 - $600. Please bring your lunch.

Full description and registration here.


R E B E L    H E A R T    A C A D E M Y   
Rebel Heart Academy offers participants a systematic and thorough experiential education in utilizing the meditative arts, contemplative neuroscience, and Western psychology to heal one's life. It is the culmination of over ten years of developing and teaching endless workshops on healing and personal growth that I can now offer all in one series. There are three modules, each correlating with one of the three fmailies of Buddhist meditation: expansive presence, awakening the heart, and healing trauma/cultivating compassion. 

But, can I sign up even if you missed part of it already, you say? Yes! Late starts and drop-ins to single classes are allowed and encouraged for all but Module Three: Unstuck. 

All classes are held at Maha Rose Healing Center in Brooklyn, NY.
Please write me for distance learning. 

Recovering Clarity, Wholeness, and Serenity with Somatic Meditation and Breathwork

Wednesdays in Septmeber, 7:30-9:30pm  | September 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th
Full description and sign up here


Four weeks of lovingkindness practice, the neuroscience of rewiring with positive emotions, self-love explorations, and the parts work of Internal Family Systems therapy. 

Wednesdays in October, 7:30-9:30pm | October 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th
Full description and registration here.



Healing at the root of all negative emotions and limiting beliefs within a safe container supercharged with love. This series combines the wisdom of cutting edge trauma research (Bessel van der Kolk, Peter Levine), psychoanalytic theory, Internal Family Systems therapy, and mindfulness to give you the tools for creating deep, abiding change.  

Wednesdays in November, 7:30-9:30pm | November 1st, 8th, 15th, 29th  -- note: no class 11/22
Full description and registration here.


Freedom from Inner Noise :
The Psychology of Embodied Meditation & Breathwork

The key to quieting the mind lies in your body and breath, but this is more than a meditation class. 
Join me for two weeks of learning a wealth of techniques and psychological theory for taking your meditation deeper -- or getting it to work in the first place.

Two Wednesdays | April 19th & 26th  | 7:30-9:30pm
Drop in or take both classes as a series (material will be different each week).


Kali Ma Sadhana
Bhakti + Vinyasa + Breathwork + Sound Bath

Kali Ma kirtan + vinyasa by Erika van Gemeren (visiting from SF, CA)
Transformative Breathwork + meditation by Ralph De La Rosa
Sound Bath by Ann Sensing

Sunday, June 18th, 6-8:30pm
$40 advance / $45 Day of
with Erika van Gemeren, Ann Sensing, and Ralph De La Rosa

REGISTER HERE (allow page to load)

Love, Why is it So Hard?
Sunday, May 21 | 2-6pm
at Maha Rose | Register here

Ever notice...
...yourself saying: "___________ always happens to me," when dating or in relationships? 
...or that the person(s) you love the most seems to bring out your worst side? 
...or that once you moved in together everything changed? 
...or what was once hot almost suddenly went cold? 
... or that you keep dating and dating -- or even trying to "manifest" the right partner, but nothing avails?
...or that you just can't seem to let your guard down? 
...or that your need for space is always misunderstood? 
...or that you find yourself making waves in the relationship even though you really don't mean to? 

✈︎ Bay Area Teaching Tour | March 13 - 19

Friday, March 17th | 7:30 - 9pm | Against the Stream | San Francisco, CA
Love What Is | Drop-in meditation class, no registration necessary | More here

Saturday, March 18th | 9:30am - 4:30pm | Spirit Rock Meditation Center | Marin, CA
Mind Medicine: Working Skillfully with Emotions | Daylong retreat | Register here

Sunday, March 18th | 1-5pm | Cornerstone Doula Trainings | San Francisco, CA
The Hero's Burden: Understanding and Healing Burnout | Register here


Heart Healing // Anger, Anxiety, Hurt | April 19 & 26

Heart Healing is a two-week series where you'll learn how to be with your emotions in this new way. The beauty of IFS is that you can practice it on your own without the presence of a therapist. You'll learn both a healing process you can do on your own as a formal meditative practice, and solid techniques for working with your emotions on the spot in everyday life so that you're less hijacked by them at work, in relationships, and beyond.

Wednesday, April 19 & 26 | 7:30pm - 9:30pm | Maha Rose |Brooklyn