Don’t do what most couples do — wait until the relationship is on the verge of collapse before getting help.

Believe it or not, conflict is inherent in all relationships. Though difficult, it’s actually an important way that we come to new understandings of one another and deepen intimacy. But you won’t be able to do that alone if the relationship is already weighed down with frustration, disappointment, and confusion.

Many couples consider therapy but then think, “Do we actually need to spend all this money and get a stranger involved in order to get along?”

If you’re with someone you see serious potential with or have already invested a great deal of time with, then, yes. It very well may be very necessary and the best investment you make.

You take your car in for regular tune-ups, your computer in for repair, and you go see a doctor for check-ups. Why wouldn’t your relationship need similar attention?

I’ve had great success at helping couples to:

get out of cycles of conflict

learn to communicate effectively

resolve built-up resentments from previous conflicts and betrayals

come to an understanding of each partner's attachment style (the unconscious ways in which we react in intimate settings) 

get clarity on how to cope with emotional activations



$225 per 75 min. session

I am an Out of Network insurance provider.
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