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For students with some experience in parts work and the IFS model of transformative healing, either with me or elsewhere.

Three Consecutive Courses
Begins January 16th

  • Weekly live video calls on Zoom (Wednesdays at 8:30pm Eastern Time)

  • Weekly video talks (recorded in case you miss)

  • Audio meditation downloads (parts work 3x/week + calming meditation 4x/week)

  • Weekly handouts and journaling prompts

  • Accountability: choose a partner to check in with daily via text

  • Support: a "Reply All" group email to post messages, experiences, questions, and get support from your peers on the journey -- without having to log in to a different site 

  • Discounts offered to POC, trans and NB folks, social workers, teachers, and anyone else in need of a break.
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Registration options are at the bottom of this page.


Phase One: Self-Energy and Managers
6 Weeks (Jan 16th -Feb 20th) 

Our first two weeks will focus on how to uncover, recognize, and experience the curiosity, clarity, compassion, and calm of Self-Energy as the basis for all healing work to come. The following four weeks of this course we will focus on working with our manager parts to heal our relationship with them, gain insight around our resistance to healing work and happiness (aka vulnerability), and get “permission” to go deeper.

Phase Two: Firefighters
4 weeks (March 13th-April 3rd)

Four weeks of healing our relationship with our reactive and most problematic defensive parts; the parts of us that would be our best allies; the parts that hold our propensity for rage, addiction, numbness, callousness, perfectionism, self-loathing, and intrusive thoughts. We will help these parts to trust Self-Energy, and work with them to find new roles that they will enjoy, such as helping us be more disciplined and purposeful. 

Phase Three: Exiles
4 weeks (April 10th - May 1st)

Four weeks of working with our inner children; the parts of us that hold our propensity for spontaneity, sweetness, playfulness, empathy… and yet get bogged down holding our deepest wounds and most adverse experiences. We will help these parts to trust Self-Energy, recalibrate distorted beliefs, mature, and release their burdens. The result can be a profound release of new energy and zeal for life. 

IMPORTANT: This course is not intended to diagnose or treat any serious mental illness. This course is for educational purposes and is offered for self-enrichment. This course in only for participants who have experience with parts work and the IFS model and are comfortable bearing emotional difficulty in order to grow. If you have not practiced parts work with me in the past, please write me before registering at


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Coming Home Exchange Options

Note: This course asks that you commit to the full journey. As some of you may be tentative or find the commitment challenging, (an understandable managerial defense against risk and vulnerability) you will notice that this is a major theme of the first first series — that is, this course will be an opportunity to address this matter that I am certain is impacting other arenas of your life.

Also, to be frank, students empower the teacher. Your commitment on all levels — energetic, emotional, physically showing up, and the financial exchange — are what gives me the energy and psychic space to hold the container for the group, deliver the material, and so forth. If for some reason you must drop out of the course part way through, I will navigate that matter with you individually towards a fair and generous resolve. I do need a minimum of 10 students to enroll in this course in order for it to happen.